Professional translations from a native speaker

My objective is to help you reach customers and potential customers in English-speaking and international markets. For your documentation and marketing materials to resonate with those customers, they must read as if they were originally written in English. Selecting a professionally trained translator who is a native speaker of English is therefore absolutely essential.

I am a native speaker of English and a professional translator with an MA in Translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Experience with the source language and culture

A translator must also understand the source language and culture to be able to convey the message accurately in English. Ideally he or she will have spent several years working and studying in countries where the source language is spoken.

I recently returned to the United States after several years living in Berlin, Germany, and have also studied and lived in France and Switzerland. Maintaining my French and German language skills is important to me, and I work continuously to keep them at a high level.

If you are looking to collaborate with a professional translator who is a native speaker of English and who understands where you’re coming from, I look forward to hearing from you.


I provide translation from French and German into English in the following fields:

  • Marketing and PR — websites, brochures and company profiles
  • Software localization — GUI, Help, and documentation
  • Technical — renewable energy, IT, and telecommunications


I have worked for major telecommunications companies, software manufacturers, marketing companies, university departments, public-sector organizations, and various manufacturers both directly and through translation agencies. I would be happy to provide specific references on request.